Stepwise: Portable Download

This is a non-installed version of Stepwise that retains all its features.
It's meant for use on work and public computers (where users lack install privileges).

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Existing users: Be sure to copy your workflows into the new Stepwise folder!

What's a portable app?

Portable apps are just programs that fit inside a folder. Downloading a portable app is similar to downloading an email attachment. Nothing's installed on the computer, so it's safe to use at work.

When should I use a portable app?

Portable apps are useful if you plan to use Stepwise across multiple computers. Because it fits in a folder, you can keep the entire program in cloud storage or on a shared network drive.

Is it safe?

Stepwise is 100% safe and free to use.

What's different in the portable version?

The portable version requires manual updates, while the installed version updates automatically. Otherwise, the portable version of Stepwise has all the same features as the installed version.